How to Install Curl in Linux

In many cases is integrated but if is not it’s very easy to install it.
Here some examples:
yum install curl
apt-get install curl

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The advantages of jquery. A faster and easier way to go around javascript.

Jquery is your friend!

JavaScript is a really cool way to move the site around directly on the computer of the client. All kinds of functions that make the “User Experience” much better and the site much faster and easier to understand. The downside to JavaScript is that it takes time and effort to learn, therefore I will recommend JQuery.

What is JQuery

JQuery is a JavaScript library that is developed for the soul purpose of doing more with less code And well IT WORKS!!!
Among the downsides to JQuery is the weird syntax it has but once you get used to it you will see that it saves hours of headache and hair pulling.

Simple Examples

  1. Let’s say we want to do the most common of things: Select an element
    Javascript: var elem1=document.getElementById('someid');
    var list1=document.getElementsByTagName('div');
    JQuery: var elem1=$("#someid");
    var list1=$("div");
  2. 2nd Example how to show hide or delete elements from the page
    Javascript: document.getElementById('someid').style.display='none';
    var parentElem = document.getElementById('myDiv');
    var olddiv = document.getElementById(divNum);
    JQuery: Show: $("#someid").show();
    Hide: $("#someid").hide();
    Remove: $("#oldDiv").remove();

We can all see the margin of errors you can do with the javascript versions of this functions. Much more words much more symbols to type which is time consuming and I do not know about you but pure javascript usually gives me those not so healthy ideas to bang my head in to the wall until I bleed

In other words JQuery good!, easy!, pure JavaScript Bad!, time consuming, headache giving.

PS: My javascript functions covered by Jquery are quite rusty. Don’t judge me if there is an error in the pure javascript code.

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Hello world!

Our blog just came out of the void and we have much to do But with some help we’re hoping to make Monkey do a useful, helpful and most important a well formed site for you guys to enjoy. We’ll share whatever we know, adore, love, hate, laugh at or simply find useful or entertaining.
About us: Lets just say that we are few of monkeys that saw and are doing.
In conclusion:

Hello World and Welcome to Monkey Do.

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